Sagging eyes-Tugging on eye skin while applying makeup

Tugging at your delicate eye skin, what a big NO-NO! Here we are going to discuss what NOT to do. This beauty no-no is at the top of the list of what not to do when it comes to sagging eye areas as it donates to premature wrinkles and sagging in the skin straight underneath the eyes. Nobody wants ugly saggy eyelids. Especially women, since beauty is something most of us are concerned with. Looking older than we actually are is definitely something we want to avoid completely!

It should be clear that yanking at our under eyes is wrong, but this beauty error has always been very common issue. It’s easy to just tug, pull, yank, and grab to get our makeup off, or even put it on. We just want to get it done then and avoid taking the time to gently take care of our eyes. But trust me, these little tips are worth it. If we do this it will take years off our appearance and make us feel healthier and even more gorgeous! As we get older, our skin loses elastin and collagen which are crucial concoctions in the skin that give it that nice, supple look. Tugging at this skin makes way to deep ridges in our skin henceforth: wrinkling and sagging. This is natural and is ultimately unavoidable; it’s just nature. But by constantly tugging and pulling at our under eyes (think applying makeup with heavy hands, constantly rubbing our eyes, etc.), we are actually helping speed up signs of aging.

Want to avoid this ugly mess? Here’s what to do:

- Quit rubbing your eyes all the time. Try and avoid it. In doing this you are stretching your skin every time you rub your under eyes, a region where there is a smaller amount moisture.

- Leave your makeup remover on for about thirty to fifty seconds before you rub your eye makeup off. Give it more time if you’re wearing waterproof makeup.

- Devote to really good eye cream. Look at the ingredients on the back before you buy and read up on the merchandise.

- Apply your makeup with light hands. This decreases the gravity pull on your poor lids. Give them a break!

- Use your ring finger to pat makeup near the eye, gently. This is the lightest finger on your hand and can greatly aid in preventing saggy eyes.

- There are millions of health benefits of getting enough sleep like promoting weight loss, clearing you mind, and just promoting overall health, but do you also realize that it can block the signs of premature aging?

- Give your skin some rest. Try assigning a day for no makeup day. A lot of women do not realize the affects involved in everyday makeup application. Giving you skin one day out of the week or maybe even two can make a world of a difference! Come on ladies, it’s not THAT hard!

Not that hard, right? When it comes to gorgeous and strong skin, avoidance is always better than correction.

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